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27 de jan de 2013

Aerosoft - Airbus X Extended v1.04

Trago agora o update para o Airbus X Extended, da Aerosoft, atualizando para a v1.04. Versão completa, sendo necessário desinstalar a versão anterior (1.0/1.0b/1.02b/1.02c ou 1.03b).


- VS knob reversed logic

ECAM fixes and enhancements
- Gear indication corrected, overlapping text fixed.

- Keyboard throttle option included
- Chrono issue solved
- All relevant manuals updated
- LIvery Manager included
- BA A320 IAE changed from CFM to IAE
- Master Caution sound removed when loading Cold & Dark
- Speed tape error fixed
. FBW/AP/Navigation
- Fixes for A.Floor
- Localizer tracking improved
    . Checklist/Copilot
- Auto rudder: The rudder check in the „AFTER ENGINE START“ checklist will be omitted if the auto rudder functionality in the right MCDU - FLIGHT OPTIONS menu – is set to ON.
- Landing Memo: The “LANDING” checklist now is “interrupted” until the “Landing Memo” becomes available in the Upper ECAM. Then the Copilot continues with the checklist i. e. flaps 2, gear down etc.
- Start Chronometer: In the “Take Off” checklist we integrated a feature that if the Copilot is set to ON, he automatically now starts the chronometer (displayed on the ND) after the takeoff thrust (=< 50 % N1) has been set.
- Barometric Checks: During descent and approach the QNH value entered in the MCDU PERF APPR page is now used by the copilot. If no value has been entered then the current ambient pressure value will be used (= keyboard [B]). Like in reality the copilot now enters those figures in visible steps and not anymore at once. Then there is a pause of 2 seconds - during which the user can enter a different value before the checklists continues.If there is a new turn those values will also be reset for the next flight.
- AES Option: The description for this option in the right MCDU – OPTIONS – CHECKLIST menu has been changed to “AES PUSH” and “YES/NO”. The reason is to make it clearer that this option only should be set to YES if the AES pushback should be used. If there is no pushback required (even that AES is available) this option has to be set to NO. Then the other two Engine Start” procedures and checklist are available.  First finish the AES procedure (CRTL+SHIFT+W) and then start the “Engine Start” checklist with [2] from the keyboard.
- AES Procedure – no pushback required:  Sometimes the “After Engine Start Checklist” did not start if just the AES Clearance Procedure was used i. e. no AES pushback. Those problems should be solved now.
- Pushback Gauge: If the pushback angle was set to <90 degrees the pushback did not stop. The angle is now limited to max. 90 degrees. We are still trying to find a solution with the developer of the gauge itself for pushback angles <90 degrees.
- Cockpit Preparation Checklist: If copilot is not used there have been problems with the transponder setting STANDBY as well as with the EMERGENCY LIGHTS if they were not OFF. Problems are now fixed.  
- 2D views: The function keys F9 to F12 are reserved for the 2D-views. There have been some misunderstanding about it and changeswere made. Now F9 again is assigned to the 2D Glareshield / Panel view (like described in the manuals). If a user wants to change back from any other view to the VC-cockpit view with one click, then we suggest using the integrated view bar.

Arquivo disponível em formato Torrent. Tamanho: 846MB

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12 de jan de 2013

BlackBox Simulation - Airbus Xtreme Prologue v0.60

Trago agora o Airbus Xtreme Prologue v0.60, da BBS - BlackBox Simulation, que nada mais é do que a equipe da antiga PSS, por isso, para atualizar e utilizar o FMGS (FMC), basta utilizar o AIRAC da PSS, na versão PSS Native, e descompactar para a pasta BlackBox Simulation\NavData dentro da pasta raiz do FSX

Lembrando que é ainda uma versão beta, e vários sistemas ainda estão para ser implementados e corrigidos. Divirtam-se, e bons voos.

Descrição em inglês:
BlackBox - AIRBUS X'treme "Prologue" Aims to give you a taste of things to come. 
The Airbus is a fly-by-wire marvel that is rightfully acknowledged as one of the most successful aircraft in civil aviation history. With a flight deck unlike that of any other airliner, reproducing this aircraft accurately presents a unique challenge to any add on developer.   
BlackBox however, have risen to that challenge and taken the Award winning PSS Airbus Professional to a whole new level. And will only get better later with the release of :-
We can now offer you the Prologue version 0.60 so you can see and feel what to expect from the Full AIRBUS X'TREME V1.00 release.
BlackBox Quality and attention to detail will be second to none, with every system modelled to the fullest possible levels. The smallest of items will be given our full attention and you wont find a switch, knob or button that doesn't do something. 
In the Prologue Package you will still have a very useable Airbus simulation with Highly detailled MFD Screens and ECAMS. These are all switchable and have independant dimmer controls! Some systems and functionality may be limited initially but The MCDU Will allow you to program a FlightPlan from start to finish, including climbs, Sids, Stars, Speed and Altitude Constraints as well as holding patterns Airways and Alternate Airports. You'll see your performance figures with Vspeeds and Fuel predictions.  

With our regular service updates The ECAM Screens will eventually show all your system status including Fuel, Electrical, Hydraulic, Pressure systems, Doors and Landing Gear as well as many warnings to help you get things in order.  

The external model features The A319 and A320 with either CFM or IAE Engines. They have been recreated using advance 3dsMax techniques and each one contains in excess of 150 thousand Polygons, Hi definition 4096x4096 Texture and bump Mapping and a whole host of custom animations that include new Fanblade animation for smooth running New "no flicker" Wheel animations that rotate smoothly and behave correctly when you stand on the brakes.

There is also a niceley detalled cockpit and cabin visible through the reflective 3D modelled Windows. open the doors and you have more detal in the cargobays and galley areas, all illuminated at night.

The Virtual Cockpit is another 160K Polygons and almost every switch, knob, lever and dial is accurateley modelled and animated. Each panel has its own seperate integral lighting and both front and rear overheads are accurateley reproduced. There are dimmer controls for each MFD and you can swap them around via the correct pedestal switching. The Thrust levers have "built in" Detents operated by either Joystick, Numpad, F1-F4 Keys or Pageup/Dn you will easily find the one intuitive to you. Custom animations include the fold out tables, Arm rests and sunscreens on top of all the expected switches etc. The Side sticks operate correctly and lock properly when using the autopilot. 

All the MCDU and FCU Programming can be done from either the 2D Panels or in the VC  either directly or via the many Popup screens a click away.

The Airbus Flight model has been reproduced and tested by three independant Current Airbus Pilots and includes our Custom Fly By Wire system and Envelope protection Laws. 
"Good to see high speed and low speed protections working correctly and A.FLOOR and TOGA LK working perfectly as they should!"
"For what you ve decided to include in the prologue version, I find the bird is faithfull to the real thing.
So ... Dont just take a "mere pilots" word !!  
Experience for yourself the unique Airbus fly-by-wire concept and see whats in store later this year when we release AIRBUS X'TREME!
" These aircraft think one step ahead of the pilot - it's a flying experience like no other!"
Arquivo disponível em torrent. Tamanho: 437MB
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11 de jan de 2013

Aerosoft Airbus X Extended + Project Airbus A319 MERGE

Deixo agora este Merge, entre o Airbus X Extended e o Project Airbus A319, que, apesar de um ou outro probleminha, funciona muito bem. Perfeito para quem queria simular o A319, e estava cansado das alternativas, mas ainda teria que esperar muitos meses até que a Aerosoft lance a versão oficial.

Para baixar o A319, basta ir ao site do Project Airbus.

Arquivo disponível no 4Shared ou Mediafire. Tamanho: 15MB

Download Button 1700x1000

Download Button 1700x1000

Aerosoft - Airbus X Extended v1.03b UPDATE


Saiu uma nova versão, a 1.04. Para mais detalhes, clique aqui.


Trago agora o update para o Airbus X Extended, da Aerosoft, atualizando para a v1.03b. Versão completa, sendo necessário desinstalar a versão anterior (1.0/1.0b/1.02b ou 1.02c).

O download tem todos os arquivos necessários. Se encontrar alguma dificuldade para desinstalar, procure a pasta "Uninstall v1.02 Missing File", que conseguirá desinstalar. Leia o arquivo Read-Me incluído para todas as instruções.

Não se esqueça:

** Deve desinstalar a versão anterior (1.0/1.01b/1.02b ou 1.02c) antes de instalar esta **

Lista das alterações:

- 1.03  Full new build
    . Right MCDU/ Checklist changes
     -  Flight Control Checks: Tolerances for elevators, ailerons and rudder increased)
     -  Brake Checks Zero Pressure: Tolerance from 5 to 10% increased
     -  User States: Checklist functionality now also available with user states because checklist status saved with Saved User States
     -  Turn around: Misc    . checklist fixes for new turn
     -  Cop TCAS Setting: Little bit faster in cockpit preparation CL
     -  Before TO CL: Fixed hanging CL Info
     -  Lights Off Problem during Climb: Fixed
     -  Please Release Parking Brake Ground Crew call with delayed Parking Brake Release: Fixed
     -  Init Descent Procedure: Fixed
     -  Landing Memo Check: Now all LDG Memo Items are checked
     -  Hotkey for Toggle Copilot On/Off: Now changed from key '3' to '2'
     -  On/Off Switch for Checklist & Copilot Hotkeys: Added to CL Options
    . ECAM fixes and enhancements
     -  ICING DETECTED less frequent
     -  Electrical Load (Amps etc) 0 at all times fixed
    . Autopilot fixes and enhancements
     -  Revised behavior, Smoother Pitch
     -  Rewritten ALT Capture Smoother now.
     -  FD SRS improved.
     -  Reduced ATHR aggressiveness by a small bit.
     -  Fixed Asymmetry N1 in TOGA/MCT
     -  LOC Issues (360 Turns) in rare cases
    . MCDU
     -  Stability improvement, Fix some CTD issues
     -  Solved Navdata reading issue causing multiple arrival trans missing and erronous lines.
    . FBW
     -  FBW Rotation rates at VR revised.
    . Misc
     -  Left MCDU resolution increased with a minor FPS impact (1~2 FPS)
     -  Folder location for ini and logs is changed to solve Localization issues
     -  Added a small guide to help throttle setup.

- 1.03b  Full new build for Boxed/Update from 1.03
    . Right MCDU/ Checklist changes
     - added a simple Pushback Gauge for Non AES Pushback Procedure (Press "START PUSH" to Open Config&Start Menu, Cond. AES CL Option = Off)
    . ECAM fixes and enhancements
     -  Electrical Load (Amps etc) 0 at all times fixed (again)
    . Autopilot fixes and enhancements
     -  HDG FD Smoothen
     -  LOC Smoothen 
    Download disponível em formato Torrent Magnet. Tamanho: 795MB. Espere passar os 5 segundos, e feche a propaganda, que será adicionado a sua lista de downloads por torrent.

    29 de dez de 2012

    Update - Aerosoft - Airbus X Extended v1.02c

    Atenção! Saiu a versão 1.03b. Para baixar, clique aqui.

    Trago agora o update para o Airbus X Extended, da Aerosoft, atualizando para a v1.02c. Trata-se apenas de um pequeno Hotfix.

    Download disponível no 4Shared. Tamanho: 345KB

    Download Button 1700x1000

    Update - Aerosoft - Airbus X Extended v1.02b

    Atenção! Saiu a versão 1.03b. Para baixar, clique aqui.

    Trago agora o update para o Airbus X Extended, da Aerosoft, atualizando para a v1.02b. Versão completa, sendo necessário desinstalar a versão anterior (1.0/1.0b), além de aplicar o HotFix que vem incluído.

    Não se esqueça:

    ** Deve desinstalar a versão anterior (1.0/1.01b) antes de instalar esta **

    Lista das alterações:

    • 1.02  Full new build
    • Right MCDU/ Checklist changes
    • ATC Sound Enhancement
    • Approach Channels enhanced
    • Checklist/View system Fixes and Enhancement
    • Turn Around Checklist Fixed
    • F9 Key Fixed
    • Copilot can Toggle ON/OFF with Keyboard Key `3`
    • After Takeoff Lights not switched off fixed.
    • ECAM fixes and enhancements
    • LDG Elevation Fixed
    • LDG INHIBIT fixed
    • Severe Ice Spelling error fixed.
    • Auto Brake Low Spelling error fixed
    • Rev N1 Modified
    • Autopilot fixes and enhancements
    • Revised behavior, Smoother Pitch
    • Autoland Flare improved
    • Fixed ALT* on ground when FCU Alt greater than THR ACC alt
    • Fixed Condition where it will not go into VS mode when eg climbing but FCU alt is lower than current alt.
    • Fixed PFD Alpha Prot Tape.
    • Revised SRS Flight Director
    • Revised TOD Algorithms
    • MCDU
    • Stability improvement, Fix some CTD issues
    • Several  Approach  transition fixed
    • Manuals, several changes
    • Paintkit removed from build now offered a separate download 
    Download disponível em formato Torrent. Tamanho: 929.03MB

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    26 de dez de 2012

    Update - Aerosoft - Airbus X Extended v1.01b

    Trago agora o update para o Airbus X Extended, da Aerosoft, atualizando para a v1.01b. Lembro que este é apenas um update, e para funcionar, precisa da versão completa, que pode ser encontrada aqui no Blog, neste link.

    Lista das alterações:

    • ND Issues
    • Route Lines issue/LNAV
    • TOD Issue associated with Manual Constrains
    • Electrical Issues
    • AutoRudder on Ground enabler as option in Right MCDU
    • FBW Ground (Direct) Law Elevator ineffectiveness improved
    • FBW & AP Instability in low FPS improved
    Download Button 1700x1000

    Aerosoft - Airbus X Extended

    Product description:
    The Airbus A320 family is one of the most successful families of aircraft ever designed. Being the first mass produced aircraft that combined fly-by-wire avionics and lightweight composite materials it revolutionized air travel by bringing down the cost of flights. They also made Airbus one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world.

    The Airbus X Extended builds on the successful Airbus X product released in 2010 by Aerosoft. This new version includes far more complex and realistic navigation tools and a rewritten fly by wire implementation. Every stage of the flight can now be realistically simulated in FSX and Prepar3D. It’s the logical step for people who want to explore more complex systems.

    • Simulation of the Airbus A320 and A321 focused on the day to day operation of the aircraft from the left seat.
    • Five models: A320 IAE engines, A320 CFM engines, A321 IAE engines, A321 CFM engines, A320 NEO demonstrator (A320 CFM with sharklets).
    • Late model cockpit (with LCD and updated ADIRS). Note we do default to the A321 CFM cockpit for all models (that is is also flown with N1 displays btw).
    • Twenty-one liveries, extensive paint kit. Over 100 additional liveries available on release.
    • Sublime modeling/texturing based on the latest technologies. Very easy on frame-rates.
    • Landing lights, taxi lights, taxiway turn-off lights created with the best technology which actually lights objects up.
    • Dozens of non-standard animations, all with sound effects (sun screens, windows,  tables, tiller, jump seat, standby compass, drooping flight surfaces etc).
    • Included web server that allows you to access (and use) the MCDU via any web browser; ideal for tablet computers.
    • Extensive options to show ground objects (cones, ground power etc) and to actually provide ground power.
    • All main doors and cargo hatches can be opened.
    • Many systems programmed in XML to allows users to change code.
    • Extensive manuals, with highly detailed step-by-step section in (at least) 12 languages.
    • Prepared for Airport Enhancement Services. Fully compatible with GSX.
    • SDK will be available, LINDA connectivity available.
    • Add-in system that allows the aircraft to be extended with 3rd party applications (all using the right MCDU).
    • Add-in View system: adds many pre-defined views for easy use, emulates 2D panel views.
    • Add-in Sound system: adds hundreds of background sounds to enhance the immersion.
    • Add-in Checklist system: semi-automated audio checklists. Checklist has two options, callouts only, or callouts with semi-automation (think virtual co-pilot).
    • We opened part of the support sections already so the FAQ section could assist in answering some of the frequently asked questions:
    • Fully tested under Windows 8.
    • Fully custom Fly-by-Wire systems with flight envelope protection, stall protection, pitch and roll limiter, g-load limiter, over speed protection, Alpha Floor protection, auto trim. Very nice to manually fly.
    • Fully custom autopilot systems, with full Cat III auto land, V/S, Managed CLB/DES, OP CLB/DES, heading and NAV modes. VNAV and LNAV included. FPA/TRK included.
    • Fully custom thrust computer systems (FADEC), throttle with detents, flex take-off.
    • Full featured MCDU (can be controlled via web browser, for example on tablet computers), also, information can be inserted using a the keyboard!
    • Flight plans supports SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches, go-arounds, holds, Managed climbs and descent, constraints, and direct-to route editing.
    • VOR tracking implemented, DME arcs supported.
    • Comes with NavDataPro (LIDO) navigation database (better coverage then Navigraph) but backwards compatible with Navigraph. AIRAC 1213 is included and this can be updated by the user at any moment.
    • Complete Runway Awareness and Advisory System included.
    • 12 ECAM pages included, showing relevant aircraft information.
    • Full featured Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) with 25 hour storage capacity and external display program (data can be exchanged with FS Flight Keeper, and a visual display of your flight can be exported to view in Google Earth).
    • Full features ADIR`s system.
    • Full feature TCAS system (including audio warnings) for AI Traffic, IVAO, VATSIM.
    • Full custom electrical bus system, with realistic battery run down and voltages.
    • Navigation display with curved lines, de-cluttering, stopwatch, selected navaid, runway information, range change, mode change, stopwatch etc.
    • Full custom fuel flow, avoiding standard FSX limitations.
    • Full custom autobrakes with constant deceleration instead of constant brake pressure.
    • Full featured loading and refueling module (interfaced with FSX) with advanced and simple mode.
    • Print option (not virtual, real printing) for performance sheet with V1, VR, V2, Runway Data, Packs, Flaps, Acceleration Height, Flex, Wind, OAT, QNH.
    RAAS Functionality:
    • Approaching Runway (on ground)
    • Approaching Runway (in air)
    • On Runway
    • Runway End
    • Taxiway Take-off
    • Insufficient Runway Length
    • Extended Holding on Runway
    • Approaching Short Runway (in air)
    • Taxiway Landing
    • Flaps Setting (Take-off and Landing)
    • Landing Distance Remaining
    • Distance Remaining (Rejected Take-off)
    • Excessive Approach Speed
    • Excessive Approach Angle
    • Unstable Approach
    • Altimeter settings (above and below Transition)
    Additional features:
    • Various background sounds from cabin crew, flight crew and ATC (optional)
    • View panel bar to easily switch between various 2D (11) and 3D views (16)
    • Contains in total 16 Checklists from COCKPIT PREPARATION to PARKING
    • Checklists mainly start automatic based on the flight situation p. e. the BEFORE TAKE CL automatically starts when plane reaches the runway holding point, DESCENT PREPARATION CL 9 NM from TOD etc.
    • Orally spoken checklist items by the PF and confirmed by the PnF
    • Option included that the PnF also performs certain settings (gear up, flaps settings etc.) which are part of the checklists
    • Infobar displaying the next manually to be taken action
    • Integration of AES functionality (optional) e.g. different pushback procedures if AES is installed
    • Speed limiter p. e. if the speed below 10.000 feet exceeds 250 knots the PnF gives a warning and automatically (optional) extends spoilers until the speed is below 250 knots.
    • Option to pause FSX 10 NM before TOD or at next waypoint
    • Saving of all made settings for the next flight (except CHECKLIST and PnF functionality)
    • Ground services (toggle of external objects, chocks, pylons, ground power unit)
    • Doors control (controls all doors and hatches)
    • Flight Data Recorder controls
    Included liveries:

    A320 CFM:
    • Air Lingus
    • Aeroflot
    • Air Asia
    • Avianca
    • Condor Flugdienst
    • Delta
    • Easy Jet
    • Edelweiss
    • Finnair
    • Iberia
    • Niki
    • Swiss Air
    A320 IAE:
    • British Airways
    • Egypt Air
    • Israir
    • Kingfisher
    • LAN
    • Spanair
    • United Airlines
    • US Airways
    A321 CFM:
    • Air Berlin
    • Airbus Industries
    • Air France
    • Alitalia
    • Austrian
    • Finnair
    • Swiss Air
    • Thomas Cook
    A321 IAE:
    • AtlasJet
    • British Airways
    • China Southern
    • Lufthansa
    • Monarch
    • Novair
    • Royal Jordanian
    • Turkish
    A320 CFM Sharklets:
    • Airbus Industry demonstrator
    • Air Berlin One World
    • American
    • Indigo
    • Lufthansa
    • Norwegian
    • Spirit
    • TAM
    • Virgin America
    Download em formato Torrent. Tamanho: 886.13MB
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